The Italian Heritage


In 1948 a son is born to Francesco Caruso, a respectable tailor and pattern maker near Cosenza in southern Italy. Young Rinaldo grows up in this green and wild landscape called Calabria, a place with nature abundant. Here, surrounded by forests of oaks and pines, Rinaldo discovers his deep passion for wood. When he turns fourteen, he starts his career in a custom woodworking and upholstery company to become a fine craftsman like his ancestors before.

The Grand Adventure


Having worked for nearly four years, Rinaldo, now 18, strives for more. America is the land of great opportunities, and so he embarks on a ship in Naples to take him over the Atlantic. In 1966, he arrives in Toronto where he finds work in a top tier hospitality contract upholstery company. As it turns out, it is one of the market leaders in the industry with huge career chances for a skilled craftsman like him. Rinaldo is soon promoted to become a supervisor and is now called Ron.

Shaping The Dream


Ron is a passionate and skilled worker with intensive knowledge of the Canadian hospitality market. At age 32, he decides to pull these assets together for his own upholstery business and make a dream come true. In 1980, Quality Upholstery is born, manufacturing for the hospitality industry and adhering highest quality standards. As Ron is well known in the industry, big hospitality brands like Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson and Hyatt quickly knock at his door.

A Family Affair


Quality Upholstery is doing well and expanding. In 1998, Ron's oldest son Frank gets involved in marketing and sales, renaming the enterprise into Quality & Company. Q & C, now a family business, reinforces its position in the hospitality market based on traditional production values and a modern approach to meet highest customer demands. Over the next few years, Q & C takes a new direction, developing product programs and targeting large scale hotels. More and more big players in the hospitality business join the client list, and Q & C produces fine furniture for Starbucks, Roots, the Marriott, and Starwood.

New Horizons


In 2006 the first offices are established on 10,000 square feet. Though demands are rising, Q & C is still able to keep up with a manual production process true to Ron's Italian heritage. But it's clear, that rising demands ask for smart planning: In 2010, Ron and his sons Frank and Enzo, now both in the family business, move Q & C to a larger facility. Over 50,000 square feet of production space ensure the highest standard of quality for the custom-made furniture with higher run quantities on contemporary product lines.

Ready For The Future


In this industry, modernisation and perpetual improvement of production parameters are key to success. With separate factories for frame production and upholstery, a unique blend of automated processes and handcrafted attention was implemented, using high-end machinery from Italy. Q & C employs a well-versed team of experienced European and Italian woodworkers to ensure utmost product quality for the world's best designers. Ron's Italian heritage is ready for the future, carried on by the next generation - Frank and Enzo Caruso in Quality & Company.