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A Storied History

Rooted in a passion for life and the beauty within it, Quality & Company is a story of continual innovation and growth. Committed to manufacturing excellence for over 50 years, the company has maintained its dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and uncompromising service.

A Storied History



Captivated by the beauty of his natural surroundings in Altilia, Rinaldo discovers a deep passion for woodworking.



Recognized as an outstanding tailor in the town of Altilia, Italy, Francessco Caruso educates his son, Rinaldo, on the qualities of a successful craftsman: precision and attention to detail. At age 12, Rinaldo begins to work for a custom woodworking and upholstery company, developing his skills to become a true artisan.

A young man with great aspirations, Rinaldo embarks on a ship from Naples to take him over the Atlantic to Toronto, Canada.


Rinaldo excels in his new Canadian home and develops into a master furniture maker at industry-leading hospitality upholsterer, Centrack. Rinaldo is quickly promoted to supervisor and his nickname Ron, given by his colleagues, sticks. 


Now a master of his craft, Rinaldo (Ron) launches his own upholstery business: Quality Upholstery, manufacturing for the hospitality industry with a dedication to the highest quality standards. As a successful entrepreneur, Ron continues to build a team of experienced European and Italian woodworkers, ensuring exceptional product quality for the world’s best designers.


Quality Upholstery evolves into Quality & Company and Ron’s son, Frank Caruso is appointed CEO. The company continues to strengthen its position within the hospitality market.


Quality & Company begins to target large-scale hotels globally and develops new product programs. Client list expands to Starbucks, Roots, Marriott, and Starwood.

Quality & Company products are found in over 3000 hotels around the world.



Rising demands lead to the need for expanded space and more efficiently run production lines. Quality & Company moves to a larger facility with improved processes, maintaining the company’s high standard of quality for custom-made furniture.

Continuously enhancing their operations and technology, the company imports premium machinery from Italy to streamline their frame production and upholstering process.


Quality & Company is expanding rapidly within the luxury hospitality space and grows its team to over 200 employees. The company’s products continue to be revered and the company moves to a larger facility to keep up with increasing demand.

Quality & Company products are now delivered to 10 countries and are found in over 10,000 hotels around the world. They establish the End of Use program with Habitat for Humanity Canada, where customers are able to donate their furniture to those in need in local communities.


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