Our Passion

Our Passion

Always striving for perfection

Transforming ideas into fine furniture. An idea; it is the beginning of everything. Quality and Company, Inc. is driven by ideas. It is how we make furniture. From a simple drawing or a few words, we can visualize an original and functional piece of furnishing. How do we do this? First, we draw upon over three decades of expertise creating the finest in soft-seating products. Next, we put the worlds best building materials in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. Finally, we ensure every aspect of production exceeds quality standards. The result: Furniture that is more a reflection of fine art than mass production.

Creating furniture for today

That is an important component in everything we do at Quality. The design and construction of our products reflects what people need now- not yesterday. And as tastes and needs evolve, so will our products. We simply require an idea, from there we will create a form that will perform and function for you. It is that simple. Quality is just a starting point; it is true that quality is an essential part of everything Quality and Company, Inc. does. But it is important to remember that we offer customers much more. Consider: We are an established business with access to the resources needed to build the furnishings you need. Our in-house design team will expertly create all types of soft seating products. Our- Modern manufacturing facility has the latest equipment necessary to meet the highest standards of furniture assembly. We are dedicated to meeting all delivery deadlines at all times. And our skilled and experienced team will deliver and install furnishings on-site- Providing customer satisfaction beyond expectations. To us, quality is only part of what we do.

Future forms

New Directions, Evolving New Lines, Stretching the Boundaries, New Possibilities. Quality and Company Inc. does not believe in doing the same old thing over and over. Our firm is dedicated to changing with the times we live in. As people or society evolves, so will the furniture we make.

What does the future hold for Quality?

Look for continued dedication to excellent service along with new ways to serve our customers. New methods that will help in making our customers vision a reality. Ongoing introduction of new product lines utilizing the industries leading designers.

It’s true that Quality has decades of experience in furniture manufacturing. But we approach future challenges with a youthful enthusiasm. We are excited about what lies ahead.

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