Our Environment and Sustainabilty

Our Environment and Sustainabilty

A Quality Environment for all is the utmost importance.

Quality and Company Inc. is committed to the reduction of pollution and controlling our manufacturing processes that may have a detrimental affect on the environment. Our company continuously uses practices, materials and products that avoid, reduce or manage pollution including recycling, efficient use of resources and charitable donations to organizations equally dedicated to the preservation of our environment.

Ongoing commitment to our goal.

We are proud of our ongoing efforts to make environmental management an essential part of doing business and value the opportunity we have to contribute our resources.

Our organization realizes that its environmental objectives can only be achieved through structured planning and development. Quality and Company Inc.’s management team has ensured that environmentally friendly practices have become ingrained in our processes and are always looking for ways to enhance the way we conduct business to better the environment.

Driven by Desire.

Quality and Company is committed to the perpetual reinforcement of its social, economical and environmental impacts. These aspects encompass the framework for sustainability through a holistic approach that benefits more than just Quality and Company’s employees and customers. It is an honor to be a contributing member of the global hospitality community, and we must continually support the development of sustainability through positive reinforcement. Our areas of focus include:

• Co-workers – To be one of the best places to work in the communities in which we do business.

• Safety – To be each other’s keeper in assuring a safe work environment

• Community - To encourage co-workers to serve within their communities. To align with our core value of being an exemplary corporate citizen.

• Environment – To reduce our carbon footprint while offering products that help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

• Service and Success – To provide innovative, high-quality furniture that exceed the expectation of our customers and drive our success.

Quality's Environment

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